that-good-ish asked:
Did you guys produce The Clique???


attentiondefiohshiny asked:
Have you worked with Hit Boy?? Ya'll are 2 of my favorite producers; you should definitely collab! BANGERx36547572413

I have not yet. He’s a very talented guy

erickdonnell asked:
Yo THX you may not remember me, but I worked with B-Ry as part of The Collective on a few projects when I was in college. I'm working on putting out a solo project, and I want to get a couple of your tracks on there if possible. You said to ask anything, so here I am asking for your services my good man.

Have you put it out yet?

attentiondefiohshiny asked:
Hi, I'm a huge fan. I know it's probably not possible, but I just wanted to know if i could get that that track from The Producer Showcase (with Dae One),.. where you sampled "Misirlou". Or even the DEMO or TAGGED version would be great. PLEASE and thank you.

I just put it in the air…again

cmbanks13 asked:
This is a loaded question but is there an tips you can give me on getting my kick drums to hit harder?. They just don't have that bottom\low end to them like yours.

Compression & eq. I also have a little secret technique that I like to use. It’s called: hitting the pad harder. Sounds weird but it works. Also, as you mix your tracks make sure the drums are the loudest thing first

attentiondefiohshiny asked:
How long does it generally take for you to complete a beat?


I just put it in the air…again